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Philipp du Cros, Australia 

Wrote Feb 13 2018 at 5:39 PM

Dear Nurlin,

I just arrived back in Australia today after my time for work in Sulawesi. The 1 day trip you arranged was one of the highlights of the trip. (February 5 2018)

Thanks to the Rangers and Edi I saw tarsus fuscus in the wild in morning and evening and got some good photos, saw moor macaques very close, the flying foxes (? Sulawesi flying fox) and we also had excellent sighting of bear cuscus - better than what I saw in Tangkoko.

A special thanks to Edi - he was professional, courteous and responded to all my questions. Visiting the tarsier breeding centre with a researcher and getting to go inside the cage was a special touch.

I will be writing a review on trip adviser and hopefully can get something posted on mammal watching.com.

I may be back in Sulawesi later this year for work so would get in touch again to see a different area  - but giving you more time. I really appreciate how quickly you organised everything for me.

Thanks so much


Wrote September 22  2017at 9:02 PM

Dear Mr Nurlin,

Thank`s for the arrangement on my trip to south Sulawesi. Very well arranged !

Everything went well and I`m satisfied. Mr Dadang was skillful and a good birder, but sometimes he forgot to tell me what species that were around, not a big deal, as we did not miss anything. I think it depends that they were the most common species and he didn`t think on the birds, as a resident birder. But completely new and unknown for a forigner as me, that also was eager to learn. 

Rusli was a fantastic skillfull birder, both to find the birds without binoculars and fantastic good by voice and to Id the birds, I`m very impressed of him.

Send him to english class to learn english and you will have one of the best bird guides in Sulawesi, atleast in the south. He was a fantastic skillful birder.

However, I`m satisfied both with the arrangement and the guides. So Thank you very much!! You will hear from me again in the future. As I have a little dream, to see all the bee-eaters in the World. And now I have just 4 more to see. 3 in west africa (1 trip) and 1 still in Sulawesi – Purple bee-eater. Did not get the Purple this time, so I must go back one day, and will therefore contact you again in the future. When a reliable spot for the specie is found again, as the Anaso spot is destroyed. And I have to save money for some years to afford next trip back to Sulawesi. Also will see the Maleo, Spotted harrier, Matinan flycatcher and some more endemic species, that I missed.

We talked about a Sweater, the size is XL

Send to: Patric Österblad ,
Hanövägen 11B,
All the best to you !



Wrote August 15 2017

Malia tours organised an overland trip from Palu to Makassar for us. We enyoyed our trip very much. We had a friendly an knowledgeable guide who brought us to all the interesting places we wanted to visit (Lore Lindu NP, Bada valley, Poso Lake, Toraja and Makassar). 

Nurlin (the owner of Malia tours) was very helpful and welcomed us at the airport. 
We can only recommend travelling with Malia Tours!


Mick Greene, Kentucky - USA 
wrote July 29 2016 

Nurlin, I just want to say we all enjoyed our trip with you. You did a great job. Thanks a lot. When you get a chance, give me a rough estimate of a Bali, Sumba, Flores, and Timor trip.


Calvin Hill, California - USA 
wrote August 18 2016

Hi Nurlin, Thank you so much for an excellent birding trip. You took excellent care of us, just as John Shrader told me that you would. The flights home were long but all went well. The ANA flight from Jakarta to Tokyo was in a brand new jet that was very nice. The fun of the trip helped me survive the 146 hour shift at the hospital that I finished this morning. On this trip I recorded 180 new birds, 127 of them endemics. According to Clements, Indonesia has 287 endemics so I still have 160 more to see. At least 2 more trips to Indonesia will be needed to make a dent in the total of what is left. For me the high points of the trip were the Wallace's Standardwing Bird-of-Paradise at the lek, the Eclectus Parrot, the White Cockatoo and all those kingfishers. I certainly hope that I will have the pleasure of birding with you again.


Frank Clayton, California - USA
wrote October 8 2016:

Hi Nurlin, The rest of my trip. I spent two nights on the beach with Goda. A few scrubfowl were there, but he wasn't able to find them staying still for me. So he led me on a walk early the second morning through the edge of the mangroves on the beach and I at least got to hear the Moluccanscrubfowl. Early the first morning there I walked north along the beach to the river mouth about 2 km away and saw metallic pigeon perching, and then whiskered treeswift and beach thick-knee right at the river mouth. Didn't see anything else interesting walking around in the coconut groves the whole rest of the day. From Goda's beach I took a boat out to the second island off the coast from Tobelo, where there is a government beach resort. Camped overnight. Didn't see much except beach kingfisher. Then I went to Tidore and walked the road over the island the next morning and didn't see anything new. While there I first read about Weda Resort, and went back to Halmahera for several days there. I got a discount for updating his bird list. Heard drummer rail and saw Moluccandrongo cuckoo there. Looked and looked and no purple dollarbirds. Robert thinks they migrate somewhere else this time of year. Maybe higher altitude? So I never went to Sula or to look for the Matinan flycatcher. I lost the name of the village near Kota Mobagu and the forest guide's name to look for Matinan flycatcher. Could you give that to me again. And send me the list of guides for all of Indonesia. I suppose your list tells where each one does guiding. Thanks so much for a great tour. I'm writing good things about you in a trip report on Cloudbirder. Your difficult friend, Frank


Ellen Paul, Cape-town - South Africa
wrote August 26 2016:

Hi, Nurlin, I think Josep is referring to the Birder's Exchange program of the American Birding Association. It was run by Betty Peterson, who died a year ago. However, ABA still runs the program. In the past, they would provide optics only to South America and Central America, as I learned when I tried to obtain optics for a program in Zambia. However, I will ask them again. Birder's Exchange provides used optics. There is another program called Optics for the Tropics, run by my friend Joanie Ellis. I will ask her, although right now she is in Ireland. These are new optics, but she doesn't have many of them. She raises money to buy optics at cost from Eagle Optics. As for getting them to you, I've learned that it is best to find someone who is traveling to the area and can carry them over in person. Using international shipping is not a good idea because valuable things tend to disappear. Plus of course, customs can be very expensive. So I will start working on it, but it could be quite a while before I get the optics and find someone to carry them over to you. Last time I did this (I obtained a tripod for someone in Ghana) it took nearly a year. Prior to that, I obtained binoculars for people in Zambia and it took about 18 months. Anyway, I appreciate your position on the camping gear, but I would still like to reimburse you for the extra cost of having the driver take me and Tim to Palu, so please let me know how much that was. Ellen, Cape-town, South Africa


Dana Gardner, California - USA 
wrote September 18 2016

I was given your name from Swarovski reps at the Central Valley Birding Symposium in Stockton California last weekend, when I asked them about Swarovski's sponsorship programs. I am a bird artist and have illustrated, among other things, the Guide to the Birds of Wallacea, or Central Indonesia. I recently returned from a birding trip to the area and used the guiding services of Nurlin Djuni. He is the founder and head of Malia Tours, a birding and nature oriented travel agency in Palu, Sulawesi. He is an expert bird guide and fantastic at arranging logistics for a smoothly operated tour. In addition, he has trained local guides in various parts of Indonesia, and runs numerous tours not only to central Indonesia and the Moluccas, but beyond to Bali and Borneo. He works as the ground agent for several international birdwatching companies as well. I and my group were extremely impressed with his competence at all aspects of our tour, and also with his friendly personality. We parted as good friends. I am writing to ask about what type of sponsorships or programs you might have to help companies such as this one? They certainly have a need for the fine products that Swarovski offers. At the moment I am making t-shirt and cap designs for Malia Tours, as well as a new logo. If some type of cooperation can be arranged, I can certainly incorporate the Swarovski insignia into these designs. Information about NurlinDjuni and Malia Tours can bee seen at www.malia-tours.com Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Dana Gardner California, USA


David Hill and Chris Hill, London - UK 
Wrote November 2 2016

Hi Nurlin We had a great time and both enjoyed the trip very much. It was well organised and everything ran very smoothly. I think we achieved most of our targets and importantly had good photo opportunities with a lot of them. Samuel was excellent as a guide with great knowledge of the birds and where to find them. He also was a good companion who was always very helpful and attentive. Bahar was also very attentive but was less experienced as a birder. However we enjoyed our time with him and it was good finding the Moluccan Scrubfowl. He was also interesting on Alfred Russel Wallace and his time on Ternate. We are planning to write a trip report with a list of everything seen. I will send you a link when it is completed.


Eric VanderWerf, Hawaii - USA 
wrote November 2 2015

Dear Nurlin, I want to thank you and the staff of Malia Tours for a great trip. There were no problems and Matthew and I Had great time, and we saw almost all the birds were hoping for. All the guides and drivers were excellent. The snorkeling at Weda was not so good, and the schedule with the dive boat did not work for snorkeling, but at Bunaken with Eddie the snorkeling was excellent, I am happy we went to Bunaken. I have attached a few of my photos from the trip. You are welcome to use them on your website, if you do please credit them to me. I have many more photos if you are interested.


Eric Barnes and Chris Barnes, London - UK 
wrote November 18 2015

Just a short note about a recent trip with my brother to Sulawesi and Halmahera in November 2013. We had an excellent guide, Nurlin Djuni, who runs Malia Tours. http://www.malia-tours.com / www.maliabirding.com It’s an eco friendly set up where they cross refer within the region to other team members in Bali/Sumatra/Java etc. The highlights were the Standardwing, 15 species of Kingfisher, a good number of night birds and over 100 endemics. Nurlin brought us to a new Standardwing site, Weda diving resort, where there were about 6-8 males and a couple of females. The birds are a 10-15 minute drive and 10-15 minute walk from the accommodation. The display area was about 40metres off the ground but on one occasion a fighting pair of males fell out of the trees and continued to fight it out about 5-8 metres away. Here’s a photo a keen photographer taken at this site about a year earlier. http://www.wildborneo.com.my/blog/?=156 http://www.hkbws.org.hk/BBS/archiver/?tid-17855.html Nurlin has over 18 years experience as a bird leader and can tailor trips to peoples needs


John and Karen Shrader, Centerville, Ohio - USA
wrote July 27 2015

Hello Nurlin: It’s been just over a week now since we arrived home back here in Ohio, and we are finally getting over our jetlag, cleaning up the “messes” at work and at home, and now have a bit of time to reflect on our trip with Sam Woods, Tropical Birding, and Samuel to Sulawesi and Halmahera. I know you already saw our comments to Poli about our time with Boss on Java, but now it’s time to tell you about our time on Sulawesi and Halmahera. . . Real fall is settling in here in Ohio, with the leaves turning golden and the temperature falling now, and we are already dreaming of the warm tropical beaches of Indonesia! We had a superb time with Sam and Samuel in Indonesia, and thanks to Malia Tours you made a hectic schedule as comfortable as it could possibly be (yes, we asked for the “hectic” schedule to maximize what we saw in our three weeks there!) As a consequence, not only did we see our very last World Bird Family (the Hylocitrea - #229 of 229!) but we also ended up with far more lifers than we ever dreamed possible – between our little “pre-trip” with Poli’s guide, Boas, on Java, and our trip with Sam / Samuel on Sulawesi / Halmahera, we ended up with over 170 lifers – amazing considering our extensive life lists already! By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard from Samuel about the amazing daytime experience we had with the Tarsiers at Tangkoko – we took so many photos that we couldn’t take any more, and actually walked away from them while they were still watching us! So, first, we just wanted to let you know that your company, Malia Tours, “runs a class act!” We were very well taken care of during our travels with Sam Woods, and recognize that it was definitely a group effort on the part of quite a few people in your company. Everyone in your company we ran across was very friendly and helpful, and we could tell they had our best interest at heart. . . We also wanted to give you some feedback specifically on Samuel, since he spent almost all the time with us (except for a few days on Halmahera, as you know. . .) Samuel is a wonderful person, a very competent birder, and excellent at spotting birds (he really shined at Tangkoko, as I’m sure you’d expect. . .) Furthermore, Samuel was very attentive to every detail, and tried to help in every way he could. He actually helped Karen on the steep or difficult trails, and was always there to help her if the going got a little tough. He is quite calm and patient, and we never saw him get upset (must be a record in almost a month!) He always checked out our rooms at the various hotels to make sure everything was in order, and carried more water for Karen than she could possibly use! We certainly enjoyed visiting with Samuel too, and he answered innumerable questions about Indonesia and the culture that we had. So, we were very impressed with Samuel! Of course, we met a lot of other members of your team, including Ilham, Tiwi, Tommy, Annie, and Max. We apologize if we didn’t get all the names of the other drivers, porters, local guides, etc. but there were so many people involved that we couldn’t keep track of them all! In fact, it was pretty amazing just how many people it took to keep Sam and the two of us birding fulltime! Ilham was very helpful on Ternate and Halmahera, and we really appreciated him finding the Masked Flying Fox for us – seeing that beautiful animal was certainly one of the many highlights of the trip. He was very pleasant and friendly, and ordered just the right food for us while we were with him (we are aware that our vegetarian diet was probably not the easiest thing to arrange.) Speaking of food, we were also extremely pleased with the food that Tiwi cooked for us while we were at Lore Lindu. It was unbelievable what she came up with for food in the middle of the forest! She did a great job and we really appreciate it, Tiwi. And, I’m sure you know this already, Nurlin, but Tiwi is a real sweetheart, so we both thoroughly enjoyed meeting her! We really didn’t realize that Tiwi was your Executive Assistant until we started looking at the Malia website when we got home – as it says, Tiwi is definitely “multi-talented!” We were quite surprised when we learned Tiwi cooked food down the mountain and then it got shipped up to the camp via motorbike – that is really service! Thanks so much! We also want to mention that both Tommy and Annie are very special too. . . they are very kind, gentle souls that tried their very best to make us feel comfortable, whether it was on the long drives or with breakfast, lunches, etc. They went out of their way to try and find some special curry sauce for Karen in downtown Manado, and we really appreciated the efforts of looking high and low for it! (By the way, please tell them that Nick, one of the Tropical Birding guides in Australia, just mailed us a box of the curry sauce so we did end up getting it in the end – thanks to help from Sam Woods!) Also, we were very sorry when their brother died, but understood that they needed to go home. We hope it is getting a bit easier for them now, given a little time since his death. Our time with them was just too short. . . We have NEVER had so much water and snacks so readily available on any other tour (and we have been on dozens and dozens all around the world over the last couple of decades. . .) Every time we drank a bottle of water, there was another one to replace it! Also, thanks again for helping us set up the time with Poli on Java – that really helped us get ready for the main trip, and was much better than sitting by the pool at the Jakarta Airport Sheraton! We know it was extra work for Poli, but all three of us enjoyed the time on Gunung Gede, and 35 new birds on Java isn’t bad!  Everywhere we went on our trip we found a lot of very friendly Indonesians and have to say we were very impressed by your country. We still haven’t looked at the 8500+ photos we took while in Indonesia, but we’re sure that when we do, there will be lots of memories, not only the fabulous birds, mammals, and scenery that we saw while in your country, but of the people in the Malia Tours team who made our trip such a success. So. . . bottom line, Nurlin, your team did a wonderful job with our tour, and we humbly thank you very much! Hope all is well with you, your wife, and your new baby boy, Wallace! We are highly satisfied “customers” and wish all the people associated with your company , and your family and you the very best in the future!


Greg Little, Sydney – Australia 
wrote November 2014:

Nurlin and Jack the rest of Malia Tours team, We thank you for a well organized, fantastic, safe and memorable birding trip through Halmahera and Sulawesi in October 2013. We saw many endemic birds, much of the beautiful islands and had an introduction to the cultural of this part of Indonesia.


Kenneth Berry and Ilka Rauch, London - UK 
wrote July 13 2014

Dear Nurlin, Thank you very much for your kind and long email. We are now back in London - it is cold & rainy here, so we miss Sulawesi weather. Looking back, we definitely enjoyed the trip. We had many great experiences, saw lots of birds and wildlife thanks to experienced and enthusiastic guides. We appreciated your flexibility, especially changing to Bunaken at the end, we had a great time snorkelling with quite a few of the Green Sea Turtle. We like to thank you for that. We decided to give you our opinion on guides and accommodation first - we added a few: Field guides: Meriba - Makassar/Toraja - An experienced and professional guide who engages well with clients, very good command of English and nice sense of humour, helpful and communicative. He should be used more often, not just in Toraja, but maybe Morowali and the south-east. Jack Palamia - Tangkoko - Professional, very likeable and very committed to his job, absolutely excellent wildlife guide with great communication skills. We wished we could have spent more time with Jack. Please use him more often for longer trips on the northern birding circuit. Max W.Lela - Dumoga Bone - We liked Max's quiet manner. He is a very good and patient guide, best in his own reserve which he knows very well. Idris Tinulele - Lore Lindu - An absolutely superb birding guide who knows the calls, spots and identifies birds from a vast distance and has a nice personality. Very helpful in Morowali: we were impressed by his ability to communicate with the local tribe and organise the boats with Agus. If he improves his English he will be perfect. Agus - Morowali & Tentena - Again, we liked Agus. He has a warm personality and speaks English very well indeed. Professional, practical and definitely capable of organising a tour himself and leading a group through Morowali. Ilham Hi.Abdullah - Ambon & Seram Island- Great guide with a good sense of humour, client-centred and experienced with Western tourists, good at solving problems. His interest in birding should be furthered. He definitely enjoys it. Also he is keen to learn and good at spotting. Give him 2-3 years of experience and you have a combined birding & tour guide , especially for the Moluccan islands. Vinno - We liked Vinno very much, his Rescue Centre and the work he does in Seram. A very good birding guide also (we saw the Seram Cockatoo EVERY time we went out into the park!), especially for the parrot family species, maybe less confident with raptors and smaller bird species. Roy Berty Koleangan - Manado/Talaud island - Professional, very committed to his clients, tries hard to be helpful, reliable and high command of English, good at negotiating between us and Michael. Michael Wangkoko - Talaud Island - Very good birding guide who knows his island, nice manner and likeable. Albert Talumingan - Driver during in the North Sulawesi - OUR FAVOURITE DRIVER!!! excellent and pays much attention to clients' needs Please also don't forget Ismet and Risno in Nantu. Although Ismet was not confident about bird identification and Risnoh's English was limited, we all had a great time in Nantu. They are really nice guys. We rescued a Spotted Kestrel which had its leg entangled in a string and got caught in very high bamboo and, of course, we saw plenty of babirusa, Sulawesi Black Pigeon and Stephan's Dove, and even Heck's Macaque which Ismet identified. I have to thank Albert for his rubber boots!!!! Partnership & accommodation: Coral-eye resort - Bangka Island - A beautiful place, well run by Clara and Marco; probably our favourite place in all of Sulawesi. Not for tourists who are looking for a resort experience but clients who want something different, private and appreciate the effort of the people doing the research and the fragility of the eco system. Threatened by mining and corruption, they need all the help they can get: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOh4Ywb-fEk Sifa cottage - Togean Island - Sifa is the Indonesian/Togian wife of Ales, a Czech divemaster. Her English is very good and she runs the place well, but we expected Ales to be there as he deals with the bookings. It is also a problem that there is no mobile reception at all, so communication from Sifa Cottage is extremely difficult (you have to go by boat to a different island and climb a rock) and this caused a few problems with regard to transport and prices to and from the Togian islands as this was not clear. We recommend Cottage 1 with Western toilet as it is closest to the beach. The huts are simple but clean. Reef 5 is amazing! The house reef is not bad for snorkelling either. Aston Netsepa hotel - Ambon good and very comfortable hotel with a high standard, but they had maintenance issues and Ken & I never had hot or warm water for showering, in both rooms we stayed in. We recommend the 3rd floor and the left wing for the view of the sea from the balcony and the quiet. We cannot comment on the quality of the food as we preferred Indonesian food and tended to eat outside of most of the hotels. Santika Hotel - Palu Very new hotel with excellent room facilities. After Lore Lindu's Sendy Lodge much appreciated luxury. We did not eat in the hotel but had a delicious seafood dinner outside. Novotel Resort - Manado We changed rooms to the higher non-smoking floor. Much nicer and cleaner. Service was really good. Recommended. Bunaken Sea Garden Resort - Bunaken Island Very comfortable and well-run resort, but the standard cabins are quite small, especially with luggage. House reef beautiful but current can be strong. Kungkungan Beach Resort - Bitung We got upgraded to the villa and loved the accommodation. Also very happy with their service and their Indonesian food. It is a Dive Resort and we had to hire a private boat for snorkelling. Did not test house reef because of bad weather. Still, we would recommend it. Other accommodations we liked a lot and can recommend: Dolidi Ndano (very welcoming hosts, comfortable accommodation and nice food); Tante Min's Guesthouse (clean, comfortable, good food and lovely lady); Highland Resort and Toraja Heritage were very comfortable and of a high standard too if we go to any of the Indonesian places you offer - as well as Papua - Malia is the company we will approach again AND recommend.


Michael Riffel, Amsgericcht MannHeim - Germany 
wrote August 24 2014:

Dear Nurlin, After a long flight we eventually arrived safely in Germany. Attached please find the birdlists from our trips for Halmahera and Sulawesi. I have also put some of the pictures in the internet. Please feel free to download them from the pbase-website www.pbase.com/wildrif/indonesia. Again I would like to thank you to make this fabulous birding trip possible in particular given our physical disabilities.


Daniel and Leif Mellegaard, Kopenhagen - Denmark 
wrote July 2014

Hi Nurlin! How are you?? Hope everything is well with your wife and baby. And that the birding is excellent with your new clients! Just want to say thank you again for the great service you gave us! I was in a bad mood when we did not find the bee eater, sorry about that. I was never angry at you, just disappointet that the bird wasnt there! haha, that is just how birding is.. I have to come back one day.. Back in Norway, where it is cold and rainy.. Im working and quite busy, but with time I will make a trip-report and post it. I will send you two pics now- just a teaser.. More will follow (not sure when, so be patient! hehe) Let me know how you are, and we talk again soon! Please click on this trip report, http://www.surfbirds.com/trip_report.php?id=2243 Guiding & logistics We had two different local guides on our trip. In Borneo we birded with Jason Reyes, and in Sulawesi and Halmahera we birded with Nurlin Djuni from Malia Tours. They are both great guides. I would recommend both of them. Nurlin in particular though. His guiding philosphy is one I greatly respect, where he really works hard to give something back to the local communities and inculde them. His service is also superb and he works extremely hard to get you the birds you are interested in. Breakfast in the field is also a concept he introduced us to, which surely is the best breakfast there is. Also a special thank to Jasons instinct when he “summoned” the Helmeted Hornbill. Massive thanks to the both of you. I also want to thank Rob and James from Birdtour Asia who have responded quickly and helpfully to my emails prior to the trip. (Also met Rob in Danum!) Chris Gooddie, also gave me great pitta-tips, thank you for that and your inspirational book, the Jewel Hunter (if you don’t know it, just buy it). The logistics throughout the trip worked excellently with no real delays. We were spoilt in aircondioned cars wherever we travelled. The speedboat to Halmahera is rather charming, especially when there are Beach Kingfishers waiting on the Halmahera side. Between Borneo and Sulawesi we spent one night in Singapore. Singapore was aslo our main gateway as we flew directly from Frankfurt with Singapore Airlines (yes the service is good, yes the flight attendants are beautiful and yes you can play games on the screen).


Ikumi Yoshioka, Yokohama - Japan 
wrote June 23 2014:

Dear Nurlin I was safely returning to Japan yesterday. Thanks to you and your members, the trip to Sulawesi was fine experience. Almost targeted species were successfully seen. Scaly-breasted kingfisher was hardest of them, but last day finally we could see the bird in Mahawu. As a next plan, though I can't say when it will be, I hope to go Halmahera. I will contact you again then.

Tony Palliser, NSW – Australia 
wrote September 2011

To attempt to photograph Hylocitrea Hylocitrea bonensis (also known as Olive-flanked whistler), an endemic to Sulawesi, recently considered to belong to a family of its own that is suggested to be more closely related to Waxwing than pachycephala. So, the plan was to focus this trip entirely on this species, with anything else being treated as a bonus. Getting There From Australia the easiest and normally the most inexpensive would be to select airline that transits through Denpasar. On this occasion I travelled via Singapore and their associated airline Silk Air as far as Manado and then via Lion Air for the domestic portion which involved two flights Manado to Makassar and then Makassar to Palu. The entire itinerary was fine tuned to perfection by Nurlin Djuni from Malia Tours info@malia-tours.com) and cc: maliatours@yahoo.com Insect repellent is recommended particularly for chiggers. Mosquito’s proved not to be a problem and for this short trip I did not bother with malaria tablets. Only bottled water should be consumed and it is a good idea to have all cash changed at the airport at the start of the trip. Photographic Equipment I managed to lug a heavy 500mm F4 Canon lens and flash around and use it throughout hand held without too much difficulty. Itinerary Day 1: (16 August 2011): arrival in Manado transfer to Tomohon for overnight stay at Onong's Palace. Afternoon visit to Mahawu forest. Day 2: (17 August 2011): Morning visit to Mahawu forest. Afternoon flight to Makassar with a connecting flight to Palu. Continuing by a private vehicle at night to a camp site in Lore Lindu National Park. Day 3: (18 August 2011): Birding along the roadside near the start of the Anaso track & Lake Tambing and a drive towards Wuasa for lower elevation species. Day 4: (19 August 2011): Climb to the summit of the Anaso track. Day 5: (20 August 2011): Arise early morning, Birding along roadside and the lake Tambing, Then a 4 hour drive to campsite at Saluki. Day 6: (21 August 2011): Saluki forest Maleo nesting grounds then afternoon drive to Palu and an overnight stay at the Sentral Hotel in town and a drive along the coast to Donggala beach area to look for Purple-winged Roller. Day 7: (22 August 2011): Flight back to Manado via Palu once more and an overnight stay at the Novotel close to the airport before returning to Singapore and then Sydney the following day. Bird List (following IOC naming and taxonomy) Maleo 2 birds briefly seen at the Maleo nesting grounds Javan Pond Heron 6 birds outside Makassar Airport Eastern Cattle Egret a few small flocks in open country areas Purple Heron 1 in open country near Palu & 1 Makassar Airport Brahminy Kite 1 bird patrolling the coastline at Palu Sulawesi Serpent Eagle 1 at Lore Lindu camp site and another at Donggala Sulawesi Goshawk 1 circling above the Maleo nesting ground Spot-tailed Sparrowhawk 1 seen well after responding to playback Black Eagle 1 seen at lower elevations near Lore Lindu Barred Rail commonly seen in grasslands around Manado and Buff-banded Rail 5 seen on the golf course Novotel in Manado Isaballine Bush Hen heard but not seen in grassland areas throughout Red Turtle Dove 1 bird in lowland grasslands Zebra Dove A bird calling Novotel golf course Manado Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove Common in forested areas throughout Stephan’s Emerald Dove 6 or more seen on bike ride to the Maleo site Red-eared Fruit Dove a few seen & heard on Anaso Track & nr campsite Maroon-chinned Fruit Dove Nurlin saw one at the Maleo nesting ground Superb Fruit Dove 1 seen at Mt Mahawu and more heard White-bellied Imperial Pigeon heard at Lore Lindu at the start of the Anaso Track Yellow-and-green Lorikeet a few seen close to Lake Tambing Golden-mantled Racket-tail regularly seen flying over nr start of Anaso Track Bay Coucal 1 heard at the Maleo nesting ground Lesser Coucal 2 seen at the Saluki Campsite Yellow-billed Malkoha 4 at the Saluki Campsite Black-billed Koel 2 responding to call back at Lake Tambing Little Bronze Cuckoo 1 at lower elevations Lore Lindu Rusty-breasted Cuckoo 1 at Onong’s Palace resort and 1 at Maleo nesting ground Sulawesi Masked Owl 1 heard at Lore Lindu campsite Sulawesi Scops Owl 1 responded well to play back near Lake Tambing Satanic Nightjar 1 Mt Mahawu at dusk & 4 half way up Anaso track Savanna Nightjar 6 near roosting site near Oloboju Grey-rumped Tree Swift regularly seen roadside areas near Manado Purple Needletail brief views of 4 near Saluki Glossy Swiftlet common in rainforest areas throughout Uniform Swiftlet regularly seen in open areas Moluccan Swiftlet regularly seen in open areas Asian Palm Swift a few seen Makassar Airport and near Oloboju House Swift a few at Makassar Airport Purple-winged Roller 1 photographed at Donggala beach Collared Kingfisher regularly seen particularly forest edge areas Sacred Kingfisher 1 at the Dong Gala beach Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher 1 photographed at the Maleo nesting grounds Purple-bearded Bee-eater 2 close to Lake Tambing and 1 on Anaso track Blue-tailed Bee-eater common in open country particularly nr Saluki Sulawesi Hornbill 1 responded to play back at Maleo nesting grounds Knobbed Hornbill 1 flying over at the Maleo nesting grounds Sulawesi Dwarf Woodpecker 2 close to lake Tambing Ashy Woodpecker 1 heard near start of Anaso track Red-bellied Pitta 1 heard at the Maleo nesting grounds Dark-eared Myza 2 at lower elevations Lore Lindu White-eared Myza a few at higher altitudes on Anaso track Sulawesi Myzomela 1 at Mt Mahawu and 1 at Lake Tambing Golden-bellied Gerygone 1 Makassar Airport & open areas nr Manado White-breasted Woodswallow regularly seen in open country areas throughout Ivory-backed Woodswallow 1 near Lake Tambing, I high on Anaso track Cerulean Cuckoo-shrike 2 photographed at lower elevations Lore Lindu Pygmy Cuckoo-shrike 1 at lower elevations Lore Lindu Sulawesi Cuckoo-shrike 1 at lower elevations Lore Lindu White-shouldered Triller 4 outside Makassar Airport Maroon-backed Whistler 1 heard high on Anaso track Sulphur-vented Whistler common at Lore Lindu Black-naped Oriole 4 at Saluki campsite Hair-crested Drongo 2 at lower elevations Lore Lindu Sulawesi Drongo 1 near campsite at Lore Lindu Rusty-bellied Fantail Common at Lore Lindu & Mt Mahawu Black-naped Monarch 1 in scrub near Maleo nesting ground Slender-billed Crow a few in open country near Mt Mahawu & Manado Piping Crow a few pairs nesting near Lake Tambing Hylocitrea (Olive-flanked Whistler) 4 sightings at various elevations along Anaso track Citrine Canary-flycatcher 2 at Mt Mahawu and Lore Lindu Sooty-headed Bulbul common in all open country areas Malia 2 sightings from roadside nr start of Anaso track Barn Swallow 2 in open country near Saluki Pacific Swallow common in open country areas throughout Mountain Tailorbird regularly seen at Lore Lindu and Mt Mahawu Sulawesi Leaf Warbler regularly seen at Lore Lindu and Mt Mahawu Chestnut-backed Bush Warbler 1 at Mt Mahawu and 1 at start of Anaso track Zitting Cisticola 1 grassland near Saluki Sulawesi Babbler a few heard at Mt Mahawu 1 seen at Lore Lindu Streak-headed Ibon a few near the start of the Anaso track Mountain White-eye regularly seen at Mt Mahawu and Lore Lindu Lemon-bellied White-eye a few pairs roosting outside Makassar Airport Black-fronted White-eye common at Mt Mahawu and Lore Lindu Short-tailed Starling a pair presumed to be this species at Donggala Sulawesi Myna a pair photographed near Lake Tambing Fiery-browed Starling commonly seen along Anaso track Grosbeak Starling a small flock at Lake Tambing Geomalia 1 photographed high on the Anaso track Sulawesi Thrush 1 seen briefly at Mt Mahawu Pied Bush Chat 1 in open country near en route to Saluki Snowy-browed Flycatcher a few near the start of the Anaso track Rufous-throated Flycatcher 1 photographed at Mt Mahawu Little Pied Flycatcher a few near the campsite at Lore Lindu Turquoise Flycatcher a few at Mt Mahawu and roadside areas Lore Lindu Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher 1 at lower elevation roadside Lore Lindu Blue-fronted Flycatcher regularly seen at start of Anaso track Yellow-sided Flowerpecker a few birds near accommodation Onong’s Palace Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker a few near Lore Lindu campsite Grey-sided Flowerpecker common near campsite at Saluki Brown-throated Sunbird a few near Saluki in open country Black Sunbird 1 near accommodation at Onong’s Palace resort Olive-backed Sunbird regularly seen in open country throughout Eurasian Tree Sparrow common in township areas Black-faced Munia a flock seen in grassland near Saluki Scaly-breasted Munia small flocks in open country areas Chestnut Munia commonly seen in grasslands at forest edge Pale-headed Munia small flock at campsite Saluki A few images from the trip: Hylocitrea (Olive-flanked Whistler) Geomalia Purple-bearded Bee-eater Satanic Nightjar Ivory-breasted Woodswallow Fiery-crowned Starling Purple-winged Roller Grey-sided Flowerpecker SUMMARY A perfectly executed private tour prepared by Nurlin Djuni who I can personally highly recommend. Sulawesi was a tough place to bird in that bird densities are low and most specie very ‘flighty’ and as to be expected birding is most productive early morning. Nevertheless it was a fantastic and most successful trip, never to be forgotten.


Steve Anyon-Smith, NSW - Australia
wrote July 4 2011:

If you go to Sulawesi you must get in touch with Nurlin Djuni, he is the best guide in the area and has all the contacts to source mammal sites if he doesn’t know them himself. He is originally from Palu but works all over Sulawesi, nearby islands and I think Irian Jaya as well. The only world-class birding guide we had was Nurlin Djuni. Nurlin joined us for our few days on Halmahera and a day on Ternate. He helped us find most of our target birds fairly quickly and I had the feeling that any extra days on Halmahera would have been frustratingly slow in terms of new birds found.


Pearl S. Jordan, Lakewood, Colorado - USA 
wrote at June 21 2011:

Thank you so much again for the most enjoyable and productive birding trip to your islands. I appreciate all your help and taking care of us. The whole trip was beautiful in addition to the excitement of all the birds. I also thoroughly enjoyed our day at the island with the snorkeling, exploring the island and the great food. The surprise concert on our last night was terrific! I loved all of it. Please thank Eddie for me for the rich snorkeling experience.


Travis MacClendon, Blountstown, Florida - USA 
wrote at June 24 2011

We still think about our terrific trip everyday. I just finished entering all the bird data into my computer. The final total for me was 181 birds and 116 new birds (+/- a few lies).


Richard Fuller, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam 
wrote at March 24 2010:

As for Nurlin's tours, they are both top-flight and a lot of fun. He has professional bird books and knows his birds so well. He treks in places that I am too old to cover, but the places he took me had different endemic birds and he identified them all. Sense of humor and warmness. This guy, maybe around 30 now, is so outgoing and understands foreigners. He has a guitar which he lugs around and sings some funny songs in both English and his native Bahasa Indonesia, not to mention his dialect of Kaili from his native village on Sulawesi. Experience--I first met him when he was an English teacher at a language center in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Flexible--I asked him to guide my cycling tour customers for the trekking portion, and he was the highlight of their trip. I could not compete in any way. They loved everything he did and said. He is very patient and hard-working. I watched as he etched black crayon off of a poster he had drawn underneath, all done by hand. He has trekked for days into places I wouldn't imagine going, but the younger bird-watchers loved it. He will work day and night for you. He loves his family. Everything he does, he does for the people of his village, though he himself remains poor and humble. He is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met.