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All prices are quoted in USD, EURO, or IDR and are subject to change with/without prior notice

Vehicles - Sea & river transports

 Modern Air-conditioning Transports (3/6/12/19/39/43/47 seat) are used for land transport within major cities such as in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Meanwhile the large tourism car are rare in Papua, Maluku, Halmahera or in Nusa Tenggara. Still needed a regular vehicle likes Ojek, Bentor, Truck, Oxcart, and Bendy if traveling through remote villages as a combined trip to know more details about how local people can survive of life in Indonesia.
Speedboat, Wooden boat, Paddling Canoe, Outrigger boat , Fery or Pelni Ship are sea or river transports that still be needed if traveling across islands.


Hotel, Resort, Cottage, Guest House or Lodge are typical of accommodations which used during the places are visited.
However, Camping Safari is an essential atmosphere to minimize no much longer of driving from birding sites, or if requested on a special offer for a camping ground trip within forest or set up on white sandy beach.

Tour Guides

All transfers and tour arrangements are inclusive of well- trained guides who speak either English or German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese and Mandarin .

What to bring on a field trip

The tropical days are hot and humid and we recommend light, comfortable cotton shirts.
Casual wear is acceptable for most occasions in the city; on trips to the interior, shorts and T-shirts may be more approriate. For most trips, being swimming gear to slake off the tropical heat. Please remember, however to resepect local modesty. Light rainwear is a must invariably, there will be encounters with rain. On trips remote villages don't forget thin towels and sun hats (to protect against the tropical sun). In the evening, slip into comfortable sarong. These items can be obtained easily and cheaply.


For trips to the interior that require a great deal of hiking through primary forest rainforest of rugged terrain, comfortable hiking or walking shoes that have no fear of jungle streams or muddy trails are recommended. For shorter trip trips that do not require a great deal of walking, a pair of sneakers will do. A pair of flip-flop. slippers or Tevas should be included.

Note that locally, there may be difficult in getting footwear in large sizes.


If you plan to scale the pinnacles of Mountains, included a pair of light gardening gloves for good grip and protection against rough and sharp surfaces. For long treks in the jungle, which requires you to remain overnight in jugle shelters, It is essential that you bring along a light sleeping bag. A torch light is a must if you wish to go caving. Just don't forget to bring extra bulbs and batteries! As with other trips, a backpack and water bottle will come in handy. Bring along plastic bags to keep clothes and cameras dry in case of rain.

Medicine & Toiletries:

A part from personal toiletries include in your pack, insect reppelent. A basic first aid kit should include band-aids, mild antiseptic cream for insect bites or light scratches, cotton swabs, tissues, bandages and painkillers.

Recommended to bring on a field trip

1. Light comfortable clothes; shorts are fine, loose fitting shirts/T-shirts of light cotton, sarong (for evening).

2. Comfortable walking shoes that have no fear of jungle stream of muddy trails.
3. Bathing suit (respect local modesty).
4. Thin towels (they dry quicker in the humid climate)
5. Sun hat, sun block and long sleeve shirt.
6. Personal toiletries e.g. shampoo, soap, toot paste etc.
7. Insect reppelant.
8. Plastic bag.
9. Water bottle.
10. Torch light with extra bulbs and batteries.
11. Flip flops / thongs / slippers / Tevas
12. Small bacpack (for camping in the rainforest)
13. Rain coat / Poncho
14. Binocular, field guide book, Telescope and laser pointer(for birding trips)

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