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Palu - Central Sulawesi
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Togean islands - Central Sulawesi

We arrange package holidays tour to visit Togean islands. Included Bomba island, Poyalisa island, Siatu Island, Kabalutan island and Papan Island Where those are the best place to see Bajoe Sea Gypsy tribe who build their simple houses over the reefs. Then combined with magnificent underwater tour on snorkeling trip Jely fish lake, traveling to Kadidiri island, Taipi Island, Pulau Una-Una, Katrina beach, Pangempa island, Bolelanga island and Malenga Island.

For special intersts We offer a week holiday to watch endemic birds, watching endangered mammals likes Babirusa (Pig-deers), Macaca Togeansis (endemic monkey of the islands), and exploring Anoa (The dwarf buffalo).

Herewith glance of itinerary that can planned for you.

Day 1: On arrival in Palu, then driving 8-10 hours to Ampana.
(Second possibility if arrival in Makassar), then fly to Ampana.
Overnight at Wakaka Hotel.

Day 2: After breakfast then traveling by boat for about three hours to Bomba island, Afternoon trip on visiting Poyalisa island, then continued to Siatu island where's small group of Bajoe sea gypsy ethnic group occupies.
Overnight at Pitate cottage.

Day 3: This morning we continue trip to Kadidiri island. Snorkeling on coral reefs
Overnight at Black Marlin Dive Center or at Lestari cottage.

Day 4: Snorkeling or scuba diving on the island.
Overnight at Black Marlin Dive Center or at Lestari cottage.

Day 5: Today we move to Pangempa island. Stop at Jely fish lake where you can see a thousand of jely fish.
Afternoon snorkeling trip on Pangempa island and Bolelanga island.
Overnight Fadhila cottage on Pangempa island.

Day 6: After breakfast We continue a boat trip to visit Malenge island and Pulau Papan to see second village of Bajoe sea gypsy ethnic group. walking  through a long wooden bridge (Jembatan Panjang). Snorkeling on coral reefs. Late evening return to the accommodation.
Overnight Fadhila cottage on Pangempa island.

Day 7: After breakfast traveling down to Kabalutan island where's the largest community of Bajoe sea gypsy ethnic.




We can tailor a program to suit your needs.