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The Team

Malia Tours has experts and has professional Tour Guides where they are involved in each islands. They have ability and knowledgeable in speaking of a few foreign languages. Included English, German, Italian,French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Mandarin. We kindly to serve according to your request!  

NURLIN DJUNI - Founder of Malia Tours, Leader

Nurlin is the founder of Malia Tours and a Chief field guide. He is a professional leader who has been organizing and conducting birding trips throughout the islands of Indonesia for more than 18 years.

He is very personable, has sharp eyes and works patiently to find target birds,  knows their calls and habitats. He trains local people in each fields becomes as professional Tour Guide , and helps eco-tourism for the local community.

He is gentle and relaxed native of Palu Central Sulawesi. His smile is something of trademark.


Kris was Nurlin’s wife. just to remember his lovely memory for more than 7 years together, there were so many things to describe....
But Kris died before decide where to travel to and what to do for the future business.She'd passed away on May 25th 2017. 


Wallace Junior is Nurlin's son. He is the youngest staff who will be wished as future leader at Malia Tours, He grows and speaks English everyday, a very  active boy and loves traveling. He'll be waiting for your visit in Indonesia.

ADHARTYAS - Driver & Logistic arrangement  

Adhar is Nurlin's younger brother, a charming person who manages transport and logistic. He has sharp eyes on scouting birds while on driving vehicle along birding sites. 

He also knows where to see 5 endemic species Nepenthes(Pitcherplant) in Sulawesi.

He used to work at palm oil company in Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia for two years. Then He decided returning home to build Malia Tours.

KASMAN PLANKTON - General Manager & Tour Guide

Kasman is a native people of Donggala, He grew up along coastline of Tanjung Karang beach where is one of tourist destination in Central Sulawesi. He is General Manager at Malia Tours. A part of the time He arranges tours to several islands in Indonesia. Include Fishing trips, Orang Utan Tour, Dolphin Tours, Nature holidays and birdwatching trips to Sulawesi, Halmahera, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sumatra,Papua and Lesser Sundas + Komodo island.  

He is one of multi-talented guide who can play guitar. After finished the tour then He sings a song for clients to say,"Good bye, and have a nice trip". 

DADANG DWI PUTRA – Support staff & Guide

Dadang is a qualified nature birding guide and an expert for more than twenty years experience. He has been active joining several of surveys, cooperated with International Organizations and Universities from overseas. In year 2000 -2001 He joined a survey of bird population in Lore Lindu National Park – Central Sulawesi.Then 2002-2003 He continued Joining method of count point and mistnetting for Land Use project and conservation value of Forest Bird in Central Sulawesi, cooperated with Indonesian Science Center (LIPI).

In 2004, again LIPI and National University from Singapore involved ,  Dadang himself as their local guide for method of count point and interview, they did a survey for bird species in the national parks and nature reserves in Sulawesi. Include 7 conservation areas such as North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and South-east Sulawesi.   

In 2006 – 2007 He did a survey habitat of Banggai Crow on Peleng and Banggai island. Then continued to Morowali nature reserve, cooperated with The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

In a year later He joined a survey of count point with STORMA project in Lore Lindu National Park, cooperated with Tadulako University and Goetingen University from Germany.   

In March 2010 He attended TOT Indonesia Bird Banding Scheme (IBBS) II that hold in Bedugul and Denpasar-Bali. Cooperated with IBBS-LIPI and ABBBS from Australia.

At the end of November 2010 He did a survey of birds on using method point count and misnetting on Mt.Mekongga - North Kolaka recency in the South-east Sulawesi, cooperated with California Davis University, USA.

On February 2012 and September 2012, He joined a survey of Biodiversity Baseline Study in Latimojong sub-district in the South Sulawesi, cooperated with PT. Golder Asscociated.

At the same year on July 2012, Dadang with one of representative from  LIPI, Pamela Rasmussen from (Michigan University-USA) and John Berton Chenault Harris from Adelaide University (Australia) did a survey together to identify Muscicapa sp, or known details Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher (Muscicapa sodhii). They found it on netting traps at Bakubakulu village on the way to Lore Lindu National Park.

His last survey on February 2013, Dadang joined a field Assistant in the sub Project B11 under the Supervision of Ms. Miriam Teuscher, PHD candidate” Biodiversity enrichment in oil palm plantation, Ecological and Socio-economic impact” in Jambi,Sumatra..

STENLY MAMENGKO - Web graphic designer & Guide 

Stenly is a senior tour guide in the North Sulawesi, He’s a native of Bantik ethnic group who grew up in Manado.

A part of the time He takes photograph as his personal interests. However, besides as a professional photographer He does designing website and graphic. 


Stallin's name might be too scary because of tragedy in Russia. But It's not him. Stallin is abbreviation of Sangihe-Talaud Indonesia, that means where his father came from Sangihe - Talaud island, His father gave him the name.

At home his family call him "Allin". That's a better name. Actually Allin himself is a nice guy and very responsible person. He was graduated of Anthropology science degree at Tadulako University – Palu, He’s one of natural birding guide (Expert) in Sulawesi, arranges birding trip to several remote islands in Sulawesi likes Banggai Island, Peleng Island, Togean islands, Pasoso island and Toli-Toli. From Sulawesi He continues conducting birding tours to Halmahera, Molucas, West Papua-Raja Ampat, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo (kalimantan) and the Lesser Sundas +Komodo island.

And He can arrange  Nepenthes expedition tour in Sulawesi. He knows where can be seen 5 endemic of Nepenthes (pitcher-plants) in Central Sulawesi, include in Lore Lindu and Gunung Lumut. 


They are brother and sister, younger support staff, speak English fluently and help Malia Tours in arranging Wildlife Photography tours, nature holidays and birding trips in Sulawesi. They grew up with lovely family, They like traveling and love reading books.


Ridwan is a head master of Junior High School where He sometime teach English lesson, a part of the time He guides tourist to Lore Lindu National Park, Togean Islands, Toraja land, Makassar, Manado, Bunaken Island, Java and Bali   

 FUAD PUNKY - Support team

Punky as born in Palu on May 1984, He is a student of Law Faculty in Palu but also working for the VIT  and Malia Tours as the support Team. He is also tallented in driving a car for a birding tours, and has sharp eyes on spotting the birds, 

 IDRIS TINULELE - Local Guide 

Idris is a native people of Poso, but lives with his family in Wuasa where is located nearby Lore Lindu National Park. He finished his study science Agriculture degree at Agriculture Faculty of Tadulako University, his research about the Maleo (Macrocephalon Maleo) in Lore Lindu made his experinces admitted by scientists of Indonesia. He is one one of the Survey team in 1998 to survey Maleo in Central Sulawesi and South of Sulawesi together TNC (The Nature Conservancy) and Stuart Butchart. He is also one of the authors of the Birding Books for Lore Lindu National park in 2006. Idris is one of experts in Sulawesi. 

LITO – Local Guide

Lito is a native people of Besoa, and grew up at the villages nearby Lore Lindu National Park. He's engaged as a local guide in the park, He shows you where to find e spots of Diabolical Nightjar, Geomalia, Great Shortwing, Scaly-breasted Kingfisher, Sulawesi Hawk Cuckoo, Sombre Pigeon, Sulawesi Thrush, Mountain Serin, Purple-bearded Bee-eater, Minahasa Masked Owl, Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher, Piping Crow, etc.

 EDDIE SUNARDI   – Tour Guide

Eddie is  senior tour guide for more than 20 years on organizing various of tours throughout islands of Indonesia. He is a Javanese, grew up in Central Java and West Kalimantan, then travelled-out to Europe then to North Sulawesi where finally He met his lovely wife in Manado. Now they’re living in a harmony family with three kids.

Snorkeling, Scuba diving and birdwatching trips are three highlight of his interests.

BAHAR HAMANUR   – Tour Guide

Bahar is a native people of Makian island, but lives in Ternate where is a small town to pick up clients in the Northern Moluccas. He'd graduated from Tourism science at the college in Bali. Now He leads birding tours, snorkeling trip and Togutil tribe - cultural tours around the islands in the Northern Moluccas. Include Obi island Bacan island and Taliabu island. He knows where the place can  Wallace's Standardwing Bird of Paradise displays, and scouting other endemic birds of Halmahera 


 BEN FAYACON   – Local Guide

Ben himself is originally of Togutil primitive people on Halmahera, He is involved as a local guide to show spots where to find tough birds, likes Invisible Rail, Purple Dollardbird, and Wallace's Standardwing. He was a professional hunter. Now He changes his mind to be a good bird guide. He can arrange cultural trip to visit his ethnic  group around Halmahera. 

 MAHROJI   –  Local Guide

Roji is his nick name, was born in Java, afterwards his family took him to travel to Halmahera, they joined Indonesian Government program as transmigration group who presented from Eastern Java. After several years He married a native lady of Halmahera. Now they live in small village called Binagara, Now they have three kids.

He and his family have a sense of taking care forest, mammals, reptiles, insects and birds species which are are protected. Roji arranges birding trips on Halmahera and Papua. Besides active as a birding guide He is a knowledgeable guide to identify species of tropical plants in Indonesia.

They live in a simply house, at the border of Aketajawa-Lolobata National Park, therefore He and his family have much time to scout  the birds, guiding clients to the lek of Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise and finding-out a chance of Invisible Rail. 

RUSLI  - Local Guide

Rusli is a charming person, but a very a responsible man who live with his small family in Rammang-Rammang (Makassar), He's a native people there, a potential local guide, has sharp eyes on scouting birds. He knows where to find Lompobattang Flycatcher, Black-ringed White-eye and Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher. He is involved at Rammang-Rammang Ecolodge in Makassar 


Two experts who live at Batuputih village nearby Tangkoko nature reserve. Samuel locally known UNGKE is engaged for the park . In generally Samuel is involved on arranging birding trip and Bird Photography tour to Sulawesi and Halmahera. Included Tangkoko, Dumoga Bone, Gunung Mahawu, Tomohon and Mahawu forest, Makassar - Karaenta forest, Malino and Lompobattang forest, Sangihe island and Talaud Island, Togean islands, Peleng Island, Taliabu island, Morowali and Bungku forest. Meanwhile Iwan himself arranges birding trip and Bird photography tours focusly in the North Sulawesi part.
They are are experts, have sense of taking care, have sharp eyes to scouting the birds. They work from dawn to the late at night.

Besides as a birding guide Iwan is knowledgeable in mammals and reptiles. 

 EDI DOANK - Tour Guide

Edi is one of wildlife tour guide and in charged as in a bird guide as well. He arranges mammals watching to through Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java and Bali. Edy is a multi-talented person, he does a good massage after done a long birding trip


Pian was born on Peleng island, then He traveled out to the North Sulawesi, and studied Biology science program at Manado University in Tondano. After graduated from the University then He decided returning home to Tatendeng village where He grew up with his family.

Now Pian is an experienced local bird guide on Peleng and Banggai Island. 
He loves drawing the birds where he scouts, They have certain places where Sula Pitta, Banggai Scops-owl, Red-black Thrush, Helmeted Myna, Banggai Fruit-dove and Banggai Crow can be seen. 

MICHAEL F. WANGKO - Local Guide 

Michael lives  in Melonguane, Talaud island. Very good birding guide who knows-well  Talau island, nice manner and likeable. He works hard in the field to find bird species likes  Talaud Kingfisher, Talaud Bush-hen, Talaud Rail, and Talaud Pitta are highlight species on the island.

ADUN BAHRUM - Local Guide 

Adun is a native of Sundanese who live with his family nearby Gunung Gede National Park, local people call him Aduy as a lovely name for Sundanese boy. He arranges birding tour to Gunung Gede and Gunung Halimun. He knows the spot where to find Javan Trogon, Javan frogmouth, and mostly target species in the parks.

 YANA M. REKE - Tour Guide

Yana is a multi-talented girl who love traveling,like  cooking and playing guitar. She's been joining Malia Tours for more than three years studying bird species in the field. arranges logistic,etc.   

 ONY MEDA - Tour Guide

Ony is a native people of Timor who live in Kupang as the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara province. From there He can arrange birding trips to Timor island. include Camplong, Bipolo, Soe ,Gunung Mutis. and Rote (Roti) island

Ony is a very familiar with his area, has classic culture tour, visit hand-silk weaving home or locally known Tenun Ikat that design with ethnic motif from Timor island. 


Freddy is a native people of Sumba, He conducts birdwatching trips, nature holidays and classic culture tours on visting hand Silk-weaving on Sumba Island. He is our best network and remarkable guide to explore avifauna on the island. He knows where to find mostly endemic species on Sumba island. Include Sumba Button-quail, Sumba Boobook, Sumba Hornbill, Little Sumba Boobook and Sumba Pigeon


We call him Maxi Wago, and close friends call him, Wago. Born in Langa, one of the traditional villages in Bajawa (Central Flores). Like other young generation who work as guide in the area, he has very knowledgeable about their culture and old tradition. He has been involved in voluntary work to construct solar panel for water supply in one of the village in Bajawa and are eagerly to expand similar activity to another villages. For the last five years he has been learning about how to work with birdwatchers on certain birdwatching spot on Flores. 

 RAMA - Driver & Local Guide

Rama lives in Serangan - Bali. He is a responsible person, in charged as the tour driver and a support staff who arrange accommodation,tickets, logistic and arranging transport during on scheduled tour to Bali, Lombok, Java and Sumatra. He knows where to find Javan Flover, Javan Kingfisher and Small Blue Kingfisher in Bali. 


Three experts are enganged for birding trip in Bali Barat National Park, organizing safari birding and wildlife tour to Baluran National Park and birding adventure to Ijen Crater on Easten Java.
Pak Yudi, Hery and Dian Tri are professional guides where can show you mostly target species in Bali and Eastern Java

SUBANDI & ENDATNO - Local Guides

Pak Subandi and Endatno live at Kersik Tuo, a village at the feet of Mount Kerinci. Besides being farmer, they are remarkable local bird guides for Kerinci and Tapan Road. Subandy’s house on Kersik Tuo has become home base for worldwide birdwatchers to explore the birds on Mount Kerinci.

 AGUS NURZA - Local Guide

Agus is our best local guide who live in Aceh, He arranges birding trips around Aceh and Gunung Leuser in the North Sumatra. He will show where to find Graceful Pitta, etc 

SHITA PRATIWI - Tour Organizer 

Shita is our best team who live in Manokwari (West Papua). She   is originally from Java and grew up in Jakarta.  She graduated from the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Parahyangan Bandung, West Java. 

Shita began her career as a volunteer with an organization that afforded support and education for homeless children. She pursued this work in Jakarta and Bandung for four years.

In 2005, Shita joined Papua Bird Club, initially as Legal Advisor.  Later, she made use of her NGO experience to develop education programmes for PBC. A significant proportion of her time is dedicated to teaching children in remote villag

During her time with PBC, Shita has enhanced her experience of leading and guiding wildlife tours.  She has observed most species of Papua’s Birds of Paradise in the wild.  With her late partner, Kris Tindige, she has also guided PBC tours in Sulawesi, Halmahera, Bali, and Komodo, and has thus gained valuable experience and knowledge in viewing and identification.

Because of her commitment and friendly approach Shita is welcomed by indigenous village families, some of whom have recognized her contribution to their lives by giving her name to their new-born daughters.

PBC uses independent local guides. These are expert people, community representatives, and true guardians of the forest.  These local guides work independently, and we are therefore unable to guarantee their availability. Here are introductions to two of our most experienced and regularly used guides.

BENNY LESOMAR - Tour Organiser

Benny is a senior tour guide for more than twenty years experience on organizing tours through Papua. He arrange birding tours to Yapen, Biak and Sorong. 

Besides birding trips He conducts various tours to the areas likes scuba diving in Biak and Raja Ampat, and combined with classic culture tour to Baliem valley.


Benny Mambrasr & Yopi - Tour Organiser

Benny Mambasar, Melky and Yopi are local guide where is based in Waigeo,and arrange birding trip to find Bird of Paradise in Raja Ampat

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