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Species of Orchids in Sulawesi

We offer special interests for you who are interested in orchids.
You're students who would like to do research nearby the national parks, or you're travelers who have a sense on searching endemic species or to see collection of Orchirds from islands in Indonesia. Then Malia Tours can arrange your plan. You can stay longer with local people who are involved on collecting orchids nearby Lore Lindu National Park - Central Sulawesi.

We have a partnership (expert) who know-well about species of orchids, indeed their scientific names. They're graduated of biology science, by their hobby and in deeply heart, love orchirds very much, then they gathered local people who could build up together a workshop to look after species of orchirds. They collect many kind of orchids on their garden.

Besides interests of Orchids we combine your trip with nature holidays, birding, wildlife photography, insects + butterflies and adventure trekking tour through dense forest to the lake Lindu.

For details please send request to emails below;

Official email: info@malia-tours.com
Alternative email/cc: maliatours@yahoo.com

 Then we can tailor your program.