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Palu - Central Sulawesi
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Escape the crowds and journey through Indonesian’s spiritual heartland along the ancient pilgrimage routes of Indonesia on a private or small group tour 

Join our small-group and private tours to escape the crowded cities of Indonesia, and walk through Indonesian’s beautiful forested mountains in Sulawesi, Moluccas, Flores, Java, Bali and Papua, are of just six pilgrimage selected places.

​Malia Tours arranges Pilgrimage tours to the quite places where you can enjoy your meditation, enjoy your belief to the Lord or God. Praying to remind all veteran who died of tragedy of World War II on Halmahera, Visit old mosque or old churches, attending Funeral ceremony in Toraja land, Mummy in Papua, and Visit megaliths in Lore Lindu National Park Park.  Earth and stone paths traverse this remote, mountainous region, passing by small farming villages and mossy stone monuments along the way. As a birthplace of Animism in Indonesia and the heart of its intersection with Indonesian’s  indigenous, nature-worshiping religions, travelers will be trekking through one of the country's most spiritually and historically important regions.

Malia Tours is dedicated to taking you here. Our small operation of professional, bilingual, born-and-raised-in- Indonesian guides are committed to providing you with a unique, culturally immersive experience in this beautiful region of Indonesia. 

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