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Babirusa & Anoa in Nantu - Gorontalo

We offer 5-7 days mammals watching in Nantu nature reserve, Gorontalo.
Babirusa (pig-deers) and Anoa (dwarf buffalo) are highlight of endangered mammals that can be seen in the park.

How to get there;
Fly from your home to Jakarta or Bali, then connected flight to Gorontalo, border of North & Central Sulawesi. Then from there driving 5-6 hours to the park.

Meanwhile for more than 5-6 day longer exploration, then we offer to Other places that have a chance as weell to see both endangered mammals such as Rawaopa Watumohai National Park in South-east Sulawesi. Pani'i  and Pinembani forest in Central Central Sulawesi. 

For details please contact us, will work-out your inquiry trip likes wildlife photography and videography, or documentary film making.

Official Email: info@malia-tours.com
Alternative Email: maliatours@yahoo.com