Operational Office:

Jalan Raden Saleh, 28 (Besusu Barat)
Palu - Central Sulawesi
Tel: +62-451-4012988
Mobile phone: +62-812 198 96664 
What'sApp: +62-812 198 96664


How to travel to Sulawesi & Where is in Sulawesi?
Sulawesi is in the middle part of Indonesia archipelago. Its spraws across the sea between Kalimantan and Maluku. Sulawesi is one the biggest island on eastern part of Indonesia.

It has to main cities; Makassar is the capital city of South Sulawesi province and Manado is the capital city of the Northern Part, North Sulawesi province.

Our office is based in Palu as the capital city of Central Sulawesi province.
It takes 3 hours by flight from Jakarta or from Bali. 

When is the best time to visit Sulawesi ?
You can visit Sulawesi all the year around. But as you’ve probably known that is rainy season and dry season in Indonesia. The dry season is between Mid March and end of  November.

The rainy season is between December and March. This doesn’t mean that you can’t visit Sulawesi during the rainy season!  The chance is higher to get rain in the rainy season. In the highland of Toraja, Minahasa highland or Lore Lindu you might get some rain showers in the late afternoon. In the chance of getting rain becomes higher. In the center of the island, it might rain all day or even a whole week in January and February.   

Did you have any Guests from Internet who visiting recently ?
Yes, We do have. We mostly get clients’ contact from Internet, and have a deal had purchased our tours via email. They’d visited Sulawesi and other regions of East Indonesia.

How do you arrange a VACATIONS to Sulawesi ?
First you may check out some of our suggested-package tours and if you’re interested in then We ask you to take a few minutes of your time to answer our question form. From this form we learn about your preferences and will be able to arrange your very individual holiday. The schedule and the price of the whole trip will b sent to you by e-mail promtly. Study it very carefully and tell us where you want some changes to be made. We can help design the trips for you according to your age, capability, point of interests and any trips that meet your requirement with our flexible condition. 

What do you mean by Personalized Service ?
Directly after your arrival, probably at the airport of Makassar, Manado or Palu. You’ll be met by a very knowledgeable and good English Speaking Guide. He will accompany you during all of your and take good care of (almos) all you need. You’ll start right away with the first of your chosen on our

our “Suggested-Package Tours”. If it’s a Toraja Package Tours, Togean islands, Trans-Sulawesi, or some relaxing days with various activities in the South, Central Sulawesi or North Sulawesi, or just a simply hiring a car arrangement with a driver and Tour Guide. Then please fill in our reservation form and We’ll get you, and back with your requirement.

For Birdwatching trip and Wildlife tour we all included transport, meals, logistic, park permits, flight tickets,and benefit of local expert fees.    

What is the Follow-up Service ?
If you plan to extend your trip, you might want to be accompanied to other regions of East of Indonesia, e.g: Borneo, Papua, Maluku, Lombok, Komodo Island or Flores. No problem!

We can design and arranges Tour Guides for you who have travelled all over Indonesia and know certain destinations very well. Just let us know we can meet you to make your requirement still in our service.

Before you leave home, make at least two copies of all of your important travel documents (e.g. Passport, airline, bus, or rail tickets, itinerary, immunization records, travel visas, travel or medical insurance policies, etc.) -  leave one with
a friend or family member and bring one with you.  When you travel, keep both the originals and the copies in plastic bags and store them in separate places and email them to yourself at an email address you can access when you travel.